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2006-09-06 - 11:34 a.m.

and i may not be quite the man you think i am.
my hands are cold and tied.
stop and whisper something odd.
you never did choose sides.

and you can't tell a lie.
and you can't tell a lie.

fortune only gives so much.
we take solace in our gifts.
if they ever call your bluff,
you can always call out his.

suffer me a while.
we can talk this out.
your ring is on your finger.
your finger's in my mouth.

you move your tired lips.
you're scared to let it out.
i frighten you some times,
the way it all pours out.

you wonder where you are. you wonder what when wrong. you wonder who i am, and wonder why you start. its been a long day. let's just get in the car.

everyone has a weakness.
everyone has a shine.
the world looks so brand new, when you're left behind.
promise me you'll leave, when winter finally ends,
and we get lost in life, and we get lost with friends.
and we got lost one day.
and never did get out.
you just went your own way.
and i just headed south.

and sleeping on the lawns,
of ordinary americans.
let's own up to what,
we usually never can.



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