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2006-07-07 - 11:19 a.m.

These were the days of the last renegades,
We’d scaled the fence, hop the barricade.
The scariest things… come from the mouths of babes.

We mimicked satellite, parasite moons.
Crossed ourselves twice and slept in til noon.
Soon comes enough, but never too soon.

It’s a guess.

She worried constantly, flawlessly, monstrously,
We shared a bed and a home that was meant to be,

More then a threat. More then a morning is doomed.

Settle your breath. Your blood moves to fast.
And I can wait long enough to make this last.

Terrible thoughts.

Terrible means to an end.

This is the century history owed us. And we are the children of whom god had no hope for us. Put your hand on your heart. It’s not god that we ever trust.

It’s not men who forget who they are.

The engine was still warm, as we lay on the hood.
Depends who you asked, if we should or we could.
Stood tall at your side.

Slept curled up in a ball.

And men like me don’t need a backup plan. Cause men like me live off this land.

This is a universe compacted neatly. And this is a kiss you will remember sweetly.
And this is a list of the things that shouldn’t have gone wrong.

Weeknights get old quick. And so do our parents. And
What we don’t steal from them, we end up sharing. And this is a bad dream.

This is not who I am.

My family burnt out by the time I was peaking.
And they left me an old house, and debts and a feeling.

I leave with nothing now. And no sense of leaving.



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