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2006-06-23 - 1:31 p.m.

win or lose. win or lose.
and we won though didn't we?

we shattered the mundane with the arc of our backs.
we blamed ancient ancestors for the hearts that we lack.
and we breath here in symmetry, we breath through the cracks. and we smile at the movements we make.

and make peace with our faults,
and wage war on our blessings.
and i'll keep you warm if you just
keep me guessing.
and sing me to sleep and i'll sleep with you again.
i'll sleep like we used to still need it.

and into this wind, you can scream with both your lungs,
and the summer ends soon, and really,
what have you done?
and for better or worse,
cursed by this incessant sun,
i reduced this all into words.

worthy of pagen excess and worship,
and her ship set sail from the town of her birth it
cut slow through the waves,
like each wave just hurt it,
and it was tired and wanted to come home.

home is a heart that keeps beating on empty.
and when our time runs out, let's remember that plenty
of girls and boys live without besting their enemy.
my enemy is now on your side.

and sideways we stumbled out of parked cars,
and then sideways we tumbled into old dive bars
and then sideways you glanced, and then thought you saw stars. but the light was just blinding in there.

there for your patience, goes all of god's graces. and there for the lines, goes the curve of your face. as
the sounds of this night empty out into streets,
call your bluff,
call the cops.
call this surrender, not retreat.

retreating a mile in your steps in your shoes. retreating to the past, and the past just confused you,
i held your arm steady, when i thought you would lose,

when i thought you were losing your balance.

and you balanced wine glass on the crook of your elbow. if i thought i could save you,
then i'd surely tell you,
that you've won. we've lost. no-one else here has revelled.
revelled in the bliss you've created.



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