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2006-06-28 - 1:14 p.m.

stop signs and traffic lights.
beat up men who beat up wives.
cities sleep with half closed eyes.
and you can’t run away.

start your day off with a kiss,
say goodbye to both your kids.
remember that you wished for this,
and nothing makes you stay.

gasoline goes through the roof.
just how low can grown men stoop,
separate the weakest link,
and cast their life ashore.

some of us have dreamt of so much more.

stealing glances across the room,
cigarette smoke and bad tatoos,
witnessing the downfall of this last holy retreat.
strange sometimes….the people you can meet.

as we waited for a cab,
you refused to take it back,
we’ll call this a special day,

for many years to come.

listen…you can hear the war drums.

beating hearts and twisted limbs,
comparing myself to him,
how could someone ever win,

let’s just say we made our own rules.

cover your skin with the sheets,
your body supine, indiscreet,
amidst the curves of summers light,
and the mischief of the rain.

seems like all stories just end the same.

covered up your filthy tracks,
pulled the knife blade from your back,
compensate for what you lack,
with what you’ve always had.

sometimes it feels so good to be bad.



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