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2004-09-21 - 11:57 a.m.

last night your icarus wings/descended in the fog/and i held your hair/as you lay there/and choked on what you saw. i made a deal with seven whispers/and crawled back into bed/later on, you joined me there, though your heart was painted red.

'i asked for science. and forgiveness. i asked for water, not wine. and they told me that i'd be okay. they told me i'd be fine. but bitter comes as sadness goes, and the colour of your eyes

reminds me where i used to stand, and the tree's i used to climb'

dear _________

in order to choose between the options given, i have to ask several things of you. for once, i would like you to think about what happens to your hands, when their constantly balled into fists. i would also like you to consider that it is a lot harder to look you in the eye, when your hair is twisted up so pretty, and strands keep committing suicide when you smile, bungee jumping to your shoulders. in the future, i would greatly appreciate it if you would just wear it down when ever we had to have a serious conversation. lord knows if it will help or not, but its worth a shot.


mr. thomas.

pour yourself another drink. you always wear it well. and i can't see the edge from here, but its close, i can tell. and would you trade your skin for air, would you wrap yourself in fiction? and read to me outloud again, like you did in the beginning.

'a penny for your thoughts?' she said. and crossed her arms sublimely. and i just hung my head and muttered, useless, futile rhymes. we/were golden in the moment/we were tied to wicked crimes. and you were listening to jeff buckley when i saw you the last time.

when you tumbled back into the room/i heard you before saw you. and i missed you most last year, when i heard 'tangled up in blue'. played by some street, pseudo genius/solely on harmonica. and i remembered walking down the street, with my arm wound around ya'.

kiss me once for memory. and kiss me twice for sanity. and kiss me as we dance alone/in that apartment off the side street.


she said, 'i can hear you bleeding.'


don't waste your breath on me know baby, please don't let me, let you down.

don't waste your breath on me know baby, please don't let me, let you down.



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